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Get Fit Cardio sells brand name fitness equipment, with an inventory that consists of customer returns. This is how we can sell our products for such incredibly low prices. We offer a warranty on every item we sell, which is covered by Get Fit Cardio and not the manufacturer.

As you view our product pages, you may notice the term “seconds” in the product title. This term is used to notify the manufacturers that we are selling a return product and are authorized to do so. Using the term “seconds” helps our vendors to easily determine if a merchant selling their products online is a legitimate reseller, authorized to sell their returns.

Fitness equipment sold at Get Fit Cardio are returns, directly from the manufacturer. They are still in mint condition and are resold at amazing discounts. If you have hunted for big-ticket bargains lately, you know they are hard to find. Large products such as exercise equipment sold at heavy discounts by third party retailers are generally returns. Ideally, these products are perfectly fine. They're fresh off the assembly line, unused, and function as they were designed.

The only difference is that their external packaging was damaged at some point. In theory, the only issue with these products is slight and merely cosmetic. Often, any scratches or dents are minor and out of sight.

By purchasing seconds exercise equipment from Get Fit Cardio, you get brand-name treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes and rowing machines in mint condition at deeply discounted prices. Stop paying full price for exact same fitness equipment that you can get from Get Fit Cardio for 40% to 70% off the retail price.

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We offer standard warranties for Treadmills, Ellipticals, Exercise Bikes, Rowers, and Home Gyms.

Get Fit Cardio, LLC warranties every product that we sell with a "better than" industry standard warranty. All the fitness machines that we sell come with one of the warranties below, the warranty will depend on the type and cost of the machine. Most machines carry the longer warranty, and all products list the warranty in the product page description.

Standard Warranties: Check the product page description for warranty details.
• 3 Years Parts & 120 Days Labor Warranty
• 1 Year Parts & 30 Days Labor Warranty


All the products we sell offer a link to the user manual on the products page. Please note that many models sell for years and have upgraded versions. When a machine is upgraded, the manual is upgraded as well. If the manual on the product page does not match the version you have received, please contact us and we will send a link to the updated use manual.

The simple answer is, we believe that cardio equipment is the best way to stay trim and healthy and Get Fit Cardio fitness equipment is the best value for our customers.

While many of our competitors sell different types of home workout equipment, we prefer a more holistic approach to helping our customer reach their health goals. At Get Fit Cardio we can confidently stand behind each sale 100%, knowing that we are providing the best cardio equipment for our customers needs.