June, 30 2022
Extending Your Wi-Fi Internet Signal

Getting a weak Wi-Fi internet signal can really frustrate the entire iFIT experience. Most of the iFIT issues we hear from customers are due to a weak signal coming from the main router or Wi-Fi station. This is especially true when your machine is upstairs, in the garage or in a backroom and is too far away from the Wi-Fi source. Unfortunately internet signals do not travel very far before they start losing strength, and that means your iFIT experience may not be as entertaining as you expect due to a weak Wi-Fi signal.

We found that the fastest way to overcome Wi-Fi signal loss, is to add a signal extender. These can be purchased at most hardware stores or at Best Buy for under $40. We suggest you first measure the distance between your fitness equipment and router/Wi-Fi, then let the sales person at the store know the distance so that they can recommend the best unit for your needs.

TIP: We suggest first registering your new iFIT account on a desktop or mobile device instead of on your machine. This will avoid possible Wi-Fi hiccups while registering.